Heroes Series Begins

Heroes Series Begins

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Location: Gateway City Church, 5883 Eden Park Place, San Jose, CA US 95138

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Heroes is a six-week series that will kick off on Sunday's.  We'll continue the discussion in our mid-week Life Groups. 



This question is coming up in our culture as never before. Every week, thousands go to the movies to watch superheroes save the world in the nick of time. As they emerge, they can’t help but wonder: “Where are the real heroes?” In a world of phony politicians, crooked institutions, indifference, and cynicism, people are desperate for heroes.


Here is the good news: heroes can still be found in our world if we know where to look.  


Join us on April 21st for Resurrection Sunday and discover why millions of people worship Jesus Christ as the "Hero of Heaven.” In the following four weeks, we’ll dive into an exciting new series of messages called HEROES. Gather in a Life Group to explore further what a real hero is, and learn how you can become a hero in your everyday life as you follow God’s Word.